Stampin' Up!

More Pretty Kitty…

I have two sweet tuxedo cats, so I just had to try out this card with a tux (and a few other color combos)


2 thoughts on “More Pretty Kitty…

  1. What black and white did you use to color the tuxedo cat? How did you keep the white so separated from the black?I have a tuxedo cat I’m trying to color too and am struggling. Yours turned out so good! Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    • Thanks! 🙂 I stamped the image (masking the eyes so I could have more space for them, leaving an uncolored oval, drawing in slits for the pupils).
      I colored it in with a black Stampin Up! marker. I started by making some lines/marker strokes where I wanted the black to end (leaving open white space for the tuxedo pattern). I did some practice ones first, then used the one I liked as a guide. I hope that is helpful.


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